Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Center of the Universe

Experience convinces me it is generally most difficult to fully comprehend the things we know best. So it is with Bluff.

Bluff, Utah Sunset seen from Twin Rocks Trading Post.

“How do you get married in this county?” Cindy asked over the telephone. It was an odd question, since she and her husband have been together well over 20 years. When I inquired why she asked, Cindy explained that there was a couple standing at her motel counter who desired to tie the knot, and she did not know how to advise them. Not long ago, a French-Canadian friend who could not wait to marry his Russian sweetheart had posed the same question, so I was prepared.

A few days later, the happy couple was standing at the Twin Rocks counter, smiling from ear to ear. When I asked why they had chosen Bluff for the wedding, they stated emphatically, “Because it is the center of the Universe!” Although their response may appear surprising, I simply nodded my head in agreement. My familiarity with such logic also goes back almost 20 years.

It was 1990, and, much to the embarrassment of my family, I was a newly minted divorcee. My marital canoe had run aground, and the turbulent tides of marriage had overwhelmed it. In the process, however, I learned some valuable lessons, and had discovered that some things are just not meant to be, and that love surely does not conquer all.

Finding myself with large blocks of unallocated time, I began investing more of it in the trading post. Leaving the lights on and the Kokopelli doors flung open on those beautiful October evenings, I would often sit on the porch watching the light turn to dark and wondering at the majesty of Mother Earth. I will admit, however, that because of my singular status, much of the natural beauty was wasted on me.

As I sat on the porch one evening, enjoying the mild weather and wondering what can to open for dinner, a young couple wandered up the steps. Saying nothing, they sat next to me, one on my right and one on my left. As odd as it may seem, we were all extremely comfortable with the seating arrangements and nobody felt compelled to speak.

After a short time, the female part of the team, turned to me and asked, “What is it?” Somehow, instinctively, I knew what she meant, and responded, “I think it may be the diffused light on the cliffs, the quiet, the peace, the stars just beginning to show themselves, the lack of artificial light . . . I don’t know for sure. I have this feeling, however, that Bluff is a little like Santa Fe and Taos in the early days; the days that brought Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz and Millicent Rogers.” “Yes,” was all she said. A few minutes later, the couple stood up and with a thoughtful, “good-bye” were gone, leaving me to ponder the significance of their visit.

Several years later, in March of 1997, the comet Hale-Bopp streaked across the night sky; Heaven’s Gate opened in Rancho Santa Fe, California; and Susie Bell designed and Anita Hathale wove an extraordinary, and somewhat macabre, Yei rug commemorating the event.

Susie Bell Navajo Rug Design

Not long after Hale-Bopp’s appearance, I received a telephone call from Cindy. “They’re coming to Bluff,” she said. “Who is coming?” I inquired. “Orpheus, Orpheus Phylos.” “What’s an Orpheus,” I wanted to know.

As it turns out, Orpheus Phylos and Virginia Essene had co-authored a book entitled, Earth, the Cosmos and You. In the book they propose, “Bluff, Utah is the heart center or pivotal point of the source of energy in the Electromagnetic Gold Band and is known as the generator. . . Those who live in, or will migrate to, the Four Corners area are the ancient Lumurians, and possibly some Atlanteans, coming back into the frequency that they had previously used in Venus and other stellar systems.”

Orpheus, Virginia and a small group of followers had arrived in Bluff to await the arrival of the “Mother Ship.” Expecting to see cultish figures, and still vividly remembering the gruesome scenes from Rancho Santa Fe, I was extremely worried what their arrival might mean for our small town.

As it turned out, Orpheus and her followers were well-educated, well-mannered, mostly middle-aged and extremely pleasant. By the time it was determined the ship would not arrive at the appointed hour, we had developed friendships with many of the faithful, and were hoping to get a glimpse of the craft when it landed; maybe even a ride. I think we were all a little saddened when we realized our friends had been disappointed and we came to “good-bye.”

Why such a large number of people feel so strongly about this small town has remained a mystery to me. Using logic not unlike that of Orpheus, one western trained medical doctor who had studied eastern healing techniques recently explained that the answer resided in the large amounts of iron contained in the sandstone, which attracts a stronger than normal magnetism, thereby directly affecting human energy fields.

Whatever the case, those of us in Bluff, whether Lumurian, Atlantean or just plain Bluffoon are bound by the magic of this community, and its rocks and art are clearly the center of our universe. Perhaps that is why my compass always point home.

With Warm Regards,
Steve, Barry and the Team.

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