Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Bluff Style

Since Susie and I (Rick) moved back to the Four Corners six months ago, we have again been amazed by the people, places and events that only seems to occur in this entirely unique corner of the world. At one of our Sunday morning breakfasts with Steve, Susie commented, “Bluff, this community is different.” As usual, Susie is right.

To celebrate the season, I have decided to re-work an old classic song of the holiday season. So here it is, Rick Bell’s version of the Twelve Days of Christmas – Bluff Edition.

Twelve Dancers Dancing
Eleven Flutes for Piping
Ten Tourists Leaping

Nine Baskets Hanging

Eight Petroglyphing
Seven Hummers Humming

Six RVs Parking

Four Mooing Cows

Three Cowboys

Two Hero Twins
...and a horse that just wanders around.


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