Friday, July 18, 2014

The Blisster

Barry and I have always considered ourselves innovators. Who, after all, initiated the latest business convention of treating customers badly, embracing poor hygiene and dressing sloppily to generate additional sales? Yes, that would be your friends at Twin Rocks Trading Post, sans Priscilla of course. This strategy has been so smashing that even our most ardent competitors are calling to provide encouragement. “Right on, keep up the good work, U Stink”, many have declared with great enthusiasm. We are flattered.

As our new business model has become an undeniable triumph, Barry and I have grown to realize there are additional factors to consider if we are to be socially responsible. Having contemplated the effects of our ever-expanding prosperity, we concluded one of our overarching goals must be to stay happy and help the artists and patrons with whom we work be happy too.
Happy Bliss

In pursuing our twin goals of rising revenue and bountiful bliss, Barry and I have noticed several organizations also attempting to increase, evaluate and quantify happiness in the context of economic growth. Indeed, last week Danny, who proudly informed us he had done well in history class, pointed out that happiness was a guiding principle in the formation of our nation. He noted the drafters of the Declaration of Independence expressly identified its importance, and even declared it an inalienable right. Barry and I therefore determined that if it was good enough for John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson and the boys, it should be good enough for us.

In fact, the venerable Sustainable Development Solutions Network has recently postulated, “Happy people live longer, are more productive, earn more and are also better citizens.” Many others have come to similar conclusions, and recently there has been a rising tide of economists, politicians and spiritual leaders who believe overall well-being should be tested and utilized as a primary indicator when formulating governmental, business and social policy. In fact, the tiny kingdom of Butan has taken the lead in this effort by enacting a “Gross National Happiness Index”.

Barry and I are never shy about “borrowing” good ideas. So, taking a page from the Butan playbook, we have developed our own tool. Priscilla has suggested we name it the “Blisster”. We, however, prefer the title “Bluff Bliss Barometer”, which we refer to as the “3B”.

Barry and I think Priscilla, once again, may not be taking us seriously. As a result, we have considered imposing a variety of sanctions against her. We worry, however, that penalizing Priscilla may adversely affect our index, which, when you consider scenic beauty, quality of life, the lack of traffic congestion, exquisite night skies, peaceful surroundings and many other factors currently existing in Bluff, may be approaching nirvana. At this point messing with Priscilla may not be wise.

While much of the world has been slow to catch on to this happiness movement, the dreamers at Twin Rocks Trading Post are forging ahead, once again blazing the path. As the renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell was fond of saying, “Follow your bliss”; as Bobby McFerrin liked to sing, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”; and as Priscilla has said . . . . Well, never mind what Priscilla said.

With warm regards from Steve Simpson and the team;
Barry, Priscilla and Danny.

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