Friday, April 5, 2013

The Right Direction

Recently I was standing inside the plate glass doors of Twin Rocks Cafe speaking with our good friends Dave and Meeche Bodner. They are co-owners of Miguel's Baja Grill, located on Main Street in Moab, and if you have never eaten there, you should stop by for a MOAB (Mother of all Burritos). Our discussion focused on the consequences of loosing both Craig and Kathy to their new business venture, the Stone Lizard Lodge in Blanding. Dave is the principle manager of Miguel's, so he is sympathetic to our situation. Replacing our brother and sister-in-law will not be an easy task. They are two of the hardest working and diligent individuals I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Their leaving will be a sad farewell, and Steve and I will miss them greatly.
Kathy and Craig

As Dave, Meeche and I talked, I felt a return of the tumultuous emotional state we have experienced since the decision was made. This is not a happy time for me. During our conversation, a French family walked past and exited the building. Dressed for warm weather in short shorts, tank tops, hats, sunglasses and flip flops, they formed a cavalcade of pastel color, fanciful movement and excited vocalization as part of their grand adventure. The group strolled across the porch, down the steps and into the graveled parking lot towards their rented RV as a light breeze tugged at their clothes and hair. Just then, out of the clear blue, a left-handed whirlwind sprang-up and made a run at the unprotected French expedition. The father and son ducked their heads, leaned into the "whirly gig" and pushed through to their vehicle, the woman and her two young daughters decided not to risk it. Turning on their heels, the female contingent squealed in fright, ran back up the steps and waited out the twister on the porch.

It did not take long for the whirlwind to abate; they seldom cause much of a stir. I smiled to myself as the French flock regrouped, groomed each other and spoke animatedly among themselves. This event might just, become a highlight of their trip. The Bodners and I had lunch together and I listened as they gave advice on how and where to look for new managers. Steve and I have also learned that our assistant manager, Melissa, has found a suitor who is sweeping her away to Colorado Springs in May. We were lucky enough to discover a back-of-the-house manager who has extensive experience running restaurants. Our new hire, Aaron, looks to be someone who can help us a great deal. The problem is that unless Steve and I want to take over front-of-the-house duties and become tied to the cafe as well as the trading post we are going to need more help. Steve and I have been scrambling to find someone.

The Bodner's soon left for Moab and I returned to the post. Steve and Priscilla were there, so I struck-up a conversation with them about my talk with our friends and then about the French group being caught-up in the dust devil. Priscilla looked over her reading glasses, clucked like a chicken and cleared her throat to speak. I knew, by her actions that I was in for one of her cultural lessons. "You know", she said, "when we were kids my mother told me that whirlwinds were caused by a commotion of spirits." She continued, "Winds spinning to the right are believed to be made-up of good spirits, while those spinning to the left are caused by chaos." "The one we saw was spinning counter clock wise", I told her. Priscilla bobbed her head in a knowing manner and said, "You probably caused it." I snorted at the thought and replied, "Oh, so now I can control nature?" "Sure, and being sarcastic about such things just might get your tail in a ringer."

Priscilla was right, so I sat back and listened. She explained that through our emotions we not only have an effect on people around us, but if those emotions were strong enough we can affect the natural world in some small way. Priscilla told us that she has seen how sad we have been about Craig and Kathy's departure and how worried we are about finding new managers that she was surprised we had not brought the towering Twin Rocks down upon our furrowed brows. It was no surprise to Priscilla that I was raising dust devils and stirring-up the tourists. "Be happy for Craig and Kathy", said Priscilla, "they are off on a new adventure and everything will work out. Adapt and deal with it in a positive manner and good things will come of it." Priscilla finished-up with; "Look to the future, think good thoughts and you just might get things turning in the right direction."

With warm regards,
Barry, Steve, Priscilla and Danny; The Team

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