Friday, December 14, 2012

Deseret News Article

This week Barry and I thought we would give our readers a gift; a well deserved break from our personal musings. Instead of the yellow journalism we regularly distribute, we are sending you the link to a story that recently ran in the About Utah column of the Deseret News. Its author, Lee Benson, stopped by the trading post a few weeks ago and we started talking. At Twin Rocks Trading Post, talking is one thing we do well. This story is the result of our conversations.

Just as our mothers always advised us, if you brush your teeth and bathe regularly, wear clean underwear and be nice, good things will happen. While I have always hoped that advice would bring a different result, the article is nice. We hope you enjoy Lee’s work and the reprieve. Barry and I will be back next week with all the humor and wisdom you have come to expect from Tied to the Post.

Here’s the link:

With warm regards,
Steve, Barry, Priscilla and Danny; The Team

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