Friday, August 26, 2011

Tales of a Trader’s Dog - Part 1

My name is Buffy the Wonder Dog, but my friends call me Buffy. I am a seven year old Golden Retriever, and this is my tale.

Buffy the Wonder Dog

Some time ago I was introduced to a fine little book entitled Tales of a Trader’s Wife, which was published in 1965 by Mary Jeanette Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy is the grandmother of Georgiana Kennedy Simpson, wife of Steven P. Simpson. Steve and Georgiana, along with their children, Kira and Grange, are my owners. Georgiana comes from a long line of Indian traders; Steve, not so long.

Having been exposed to Mary Jeanette’s memoir when I was just a whelp, I have recently become inspired to document my own experience, which, if successful, will be serialized in the well known and widely circulated literary column Tied to the Post. This weekly bit of fantasy, which some unkind individuals have from time to time referred to as yellow journalism, is written by my owner and his brother, Barry Simpson. Barry and Steve are the proprietors of Twin Rocks Trading Post.

Twin Rocks is a lonely outpost located in Bluff, Utah, just two miles north of the San Juan River. This watercourse, which forms the northern border of the Navajo Indian Reservation, is host to a number of extremely small communities in which residents attempt to scratch a living out of a desolate desert environment. My early experiences provided no indication I would eventually spend my days at a trading post in the wilds of southern Utah, but here I am.

I was born in Clines Corner, New Mexico during the winter of 2004, the offspring of purebred parents. My sire’s family, while of good stock, had fallen on hard times, and after my birth it was discovered that my mother’s bloodline was afflicted with hip dysplasia. So, while the trunk of my family tree is solid hard wood, my particular branch is not sterling.

Born the forth of eight, my parents assured me I was the pick of the litter, and that I, like Rocky Balboa, could be a contender. Early on I was encouraged to set my sights on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Alas, with the discovery of dysplasia in my genetic code, and my somewhat crooked teeth, that dream was never to be realized. Instead, my breeder elected to convey me to an older couple living in Albuquerque’s North Valley.

My new owners, John and Georgiana Kennedy, had deep roots in the Indian trading business, but at 91 and 84 years of age respectively, they were in the twilight of their careers. John’s father, George Kennedy and Mary Jeanette had established a trading post at Salina Springs, Arizona in 1913.

John was the owner of Gallup Indian Trading Company, located in Gallup, New Mexico, for many years. Decades before I was adopted into the family, the business had been passed down to John’s sons and subsequently closed. He, however, continued to trade, and at 91 was still active in the business.

When John’s old blue Chevy van, which likely had 250,000 reservation miles on its chassis, was stolen, I was brought in to guard the Kennedy compound against further thievery. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, however, quickly realized they had overestimated the extent of my security training, and discussions were convened that would ultimately land me a new position at Twin Rocks Trading Post.

To be continued.

With warm regards,
Steve, Barry and The Team

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