Friday, September 25, 2009

Why Not?

Recently Lalana, reigning princess of the post, discovered a baseball Grange had abandoned some time ago. Grange has, at least for now, moved on to football and wrestling, so the baseball was not seeing a lot of glove time. Apparently the ball had found its way under a desk or behind a cabinet, and it took someone close to the ground to rediscover it.

Steve and Lalana at Twin Rocks Trading Post.

Lana, as she is known around Twin Rocks Trading Post, has become the latest in a long line of trading post kids. First there was Dacia, then Kira, Grange and now Lana. She was born to Tina, also known as “Mommatina”, our internet manager, almost three years ago. Like the others before her, Lana began coming to work only a few days after she arrived on this earth. She is now the ruler of the kingdom, and commands attention as she runs about downstairs shouting “Super Lana” and things of that sort. When Tina manages to trap her upstairs, Lana can be heard shouting, “Cilla, Cilla, go downstairs?”

It usually does not take long for Priscilla to cave in and bring her down, where she declares, “Oh, that’s a beautiful rug.” or “That’s a pretty basket. Let me see.” Barry and I have counseled her to wait until we conclude the transaction before making her pronouncements, but it has been to no avail. Our costs have begun to increase as she has acquired a greater appreciation for the Navajo jewelry, paintings, pottery and the other art we buy at the store.

Since discovering Grange’s baseball, Lana’s favorite pastime has become going out on the porch for a game of roll and catch. She petitions Barry, Priscilla and me endlessly to, “Go outside” with the ball. On these beautiful autumn afternoons, it is hugely enjoyable to sit on the cement and roll the ball back and forth, like I used to do with Dacia, Kira and Grange. I often feel Lana is preparing me to be a grandparent.

The other day I was in my office working on a project when I heard Lana say to Barry, “Go outside?” The chartreuse softball was carefully balanced in her outstretched hand. “No Lana,” Barry replied, “not this time.” Being very polite, Lana generally says, “Oh, okay.” This time, however, she was persistent, “Go outside Barry?” she insisted. When Barry reiterated that he could not, she demanded, “Why not!” We all had a good laugh, and Lana got her baseball game after all.

As I sat in my office, Lana’s question kept rolling around in my mind; why not, why not, why not. It was not long before a Navajo rug weaver strolled in through the open doors. “Want to buy a rug?” she asked. Feeling a little beaten up by the economy, I said, “Well, probably not today.” “WHY NOT?” the weaver persisted. “All right,” I said, “let’s see what you have.” As she proceeded to unwrap the rug from its bath towel covering, I notice it was a spectacular Yei-be-chei weaving. The price was right, so we made a deal and everyone was happy.

Still contemplating the importance of Lana’s question, I watched as Grange strolled into the trading post. “Can we go to the pond after work?” he asked. “No,” I said. “WHY NOT?” he shot back. I responded, “Well, it’s almost October, the pond will be cold, there is a storm coming in and I am just too tired.” Why not, why not, WHY NOT, my mind kept repeating. Finally giving in, I told him to go upstairs and put on his swimming suit.

When we arrived at the pond, I could see dark clouds accumulating over the red rock cliffs in the distance. When I put my toes into the water, I could feel the chill. Jumping in, I had the sense that this would surely be the last pond adventure of the season. In spite of all that, Grange, Buffy the Wonder Dog and I had one of the best times we have ever had at the swimming hole. As the storm grew in intensity and the wind began to pick up, we climbed out of the water and dashed for the truck; arriving home just seconds before the rain come thundering down. It was truly a memorable experience.

All too often we see the reasons why we cannot or do not want to do something, only to discover that we should be finding the reasons why we can. Barry and I have found more beautiful art at extremely nice prices during the recent economic downturn than we ever remember. It reminds us of the old saying that every dark cloud has a silver lining. At the trading post we are now asking “Why not?” more often, and having more fun than ever before.

With Warm Regards,
Steve, Barry and the Team.

Copyright 2009 Twin Rocks Trading Post

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